Profiling Park Heights

Park Heights is about ten miles northwest district of Baltimore and within two miles of Baltimore Country line. It has a 1500-acre area with twelve lively neighborhoods consisting of about 30,000 people and over eighty churches and ten schools.

Park Heights, MD was previously a Jewish community and has presently transformed into a diversified community of different cultures, types of family, economic status, and other social features. Park Heights has beautifully tree-lined roads with over a dozen of community open space parks. Homes were maintained by native residents who are committed to promote the new vision of Park Heights.

Park Heights is bounded by Druid Park Drive on the south and by the Northern Parkway on the north, by Wabash Avenue on the west and by Greenspring Avenue on the east. Park Heights Avenue and Reisterstorm are its two main roadways and serve as the community’s “main streets” and the business center.

Sinai Hospital in Park Heights is the largest employer of the community and a famous landmark of Maryland. Outside the Park Circle district is the Druid Hill Park which is Baltimore’s first and largest municipal park where Maryland Zoo is located. Maryland Zoo is the third oldest zoo in US.

Presently, the community is dedicated and engaged to achieve the following dreams for Park Heights:
• To be a community shared by healthy people who work together safe streets, houses, parks, and effective institutions and social services
• To be a community of character enhanced by main streets, gateways, beautiful residential homes, and attractive civic and commercial buildings
• To be a community of opportunity where it attracts private investors to produce economic opportunities and progress for the residents and other business entities.
• To be a healthy community marked by safe and healthy environment for children and youth, a strong and committed leadership and governance, a diverse local economy, stable jobs to meet each family’s needs, and empowered residents who are well-informed, educated, and active participants in the community’s activities.
• To have a safe and affordable housing programs for its residents
• To promote cleanliness and orderliness in the community

Park Heights in Baltimore is an ideal community in the making where one would dream of settling and living with their families. A time will come that when you think of Park Heights, it means a safe and healthy community to come home to.